Distinguishing Qualities of The Faculty of Pharmacy

Contemporary Education Program: a structure that combines social pharmacy with basic and applied pharmaceutical sciences

A DYNAMIC AND CURRENT structure that follows the innovations in the field of pharmacy and curriculum structure within the Bologna criteria

 Fully equipped, cutting-edge laboratories and classrooms that meet all needs in Pharmacy Education

 Visual training methods (BirDeHa) into which effective measurement and evaluation systems are integrated

 A first-year integrated English language education programme which is equivalent to prep school

Students are directed to all areas of the profession and ready to work in all fields thanks to our elective courses

A management that cooperates with the public and the industry, and which facilitates job opportunities for graduates

Preparatory courses for specialization training in pharmacy, and pharmacy expertise lectures included in the senior-year schedule

Facilitates a hospital environment in which clinical pharmacy practices are applied in the Faculty of Pharmacy

Provides opportunities for internship and learning abroad with Erasmus collaborations

 Many graduation projects

Educational and internship opportunities in cooperation with professional organizations and industries

Top-quality education and extensive research, conducted with its strong academic staff

Meetings to build strong communication links between students and faculty members. It is also easy to reach faculty members and managers

Participation in many scientific events in Turkey and abroad

National and international scientific meetings and workshops

Training of qualified researchers for the Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry who will contribute to the world of science and add value to academia through the “Drug Design and Development” PhD program, which is a first in Turkey

Training of volunteer and doctoral students within the framework of TÜBİTAK-supported research projects

 Congresses and science fairs organized with students

Conferences, seminars, workshops, Pharmacy Days and balls, excursions, etc. for the social development of students

There is a high demand for our faculty among students transferring from other schools

 Providing students with internship and job opportunities

Located in the historical heart of Istanbul, an easy-to-reach campus with a new metro stop being built

The new campus will allow for a bigger library, laboratories and classrooms

Effective information exchange with other Faculties due to shared focus as a Health University