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Dean’s Message

    Dean’s Message
    Prof. Dr. İsmail Tuncer DEĞİM

    Dear students,
    Rapidly developing science and technology has brought many changes into practice in the field of pharmacy, as in every profession. This has led to the emergence of many new fields within the profession, as well as traditional pharmacy. Pharmacists, who are an in­ dispensable health element of the society, have to have more voice in these new areas. Biruni University, which has never lost its speed and dynamism, and has attach importance to modern and scientific education, put the campus life into action quickly and opened its new buildings, classrooms and laboratories for use. The Faculty of Pharmacy  has prepared  a new pharmacy education program that is campatible with international quality standards and has taken route of innovations brought by the profession. It aims to graduate pharmacists who are competent in subjects such as New drugs, Generic drugs, Pharmacokinetics, Molecular modeling, Structure­acti­ vity relationships, Biotechnological drugs, Nanotechnology, Clinical Pharmacy, Artificial intelligence applications in pharmacy, Optimi­ zation techniques and Traditional Herbal products, who are also fast decision­maker, Communicator, teacher,, manager, lifelong lear­ ner, leader, researcher, and contribute to the development of public health. Therefore new theorotical and practical course plans were made.
    Biruni University Faculty of Pharmacy included the “Air and Space Pharmacy” course into its curriculum, a first in the world. It has brou­ ght up and educated students at the highest level in every subject. By emphasizing the industry­university cooperation, it has encoura­ ged its students to do industrial internships and has aimed to introduce its students with the highest level people in the society, profes­ sion or in related subjects. Our faculty with competent faculty members who are experienced in their fields, have many international collaborations. It expects students who are willing to learn, hardworking and aim to make a difference. Faculty members receive sup­ port from students as scholarship in their scientific projects. Thus, students could have the opportunity to learn better the reflection of science on life and to internalize the subject in depth.
    We give importance to graduated/student meetings with various post-graduation events. For this reason, we will continue to meet and teach innovations after graduation. We wish to be together in good days when we will have a voice in education and training, we con move our country and our profession forward together, we will research new information together, we will produce new projects, and we will feel the indispensable taste of success together.

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